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Buri is a series of home accessories which stays true to KAOI’s essence of

“Designed to be designed”. At KAOI, we believe there are endless possibilities to one design. The end users can “co-create” with designers the placement and even the function of each object. Each Buri tray is truly unique, it offers a fresh take on a quotidian object where the end users are given an extra boost of fun and creativity in their everyday lives - the possibilities are infinite.

With KAOI’s philosophy in mind, Buri was deliberately designed with marble, and marble only. Using purely one material allows us to maximise the unique expertise of our local craftsmen and create a high quality product that will last for years to come.   

Buri is crafted by experienced locals with marble locally sourced in Saraburi, Province of Thailand. Each piece of marble is completely one-of-a-kind and never mundane. Their beautifully distinctive patterns are a consequence of the power of nature, years and years in the making.

Marble may come across as a mature and old-fashioned material, but it is very durable and resistant to moisture. These qualities intrigued us to challenge its discreet outlook together with KAOI’s brave and fun design, we created “Buri”.

Our Buri series comes in 2 colorways mindfully sourced from natural marble colours. The very first tray is a combination of Salt Pink flat tray, shiny Indian Green sphere in contrast paired with matte white Carrara jar. The second combination is even more fun with white Carrara tray paired with Marquina Black and Sunshine Gold Marble sphere for a modern look.